16th Annual GFE Conference: Embracing the Power of Education

GFE’s conference brings together funders, policymakers and leading practitioners to determine how we can preserve education’s promise as a pathway to the American dream.

Education’s ability to transform lives, build strong communities, actualize a vital economy and inspire a vibrant nation remains uniquely powerful. The promise of the American dream to create opportunities for all still stands as our nation’s great beacon of light. As education grantmakers we are privileged to have the ability to strengthen the dream through systemic reform, system alignment, innovation and creativity, and to create genuine opportunities for students of color and those most at risk of being left behind by today’s challenging economy. The dream is our nation’s lighthouse but we must be its careful keeper. As the nation’s largest gathering of education grantmakers we will, together, recommit to the dream, refine our strategies and redouble our efforts. We will seize this opportunity to play a defining role in preserving the power and promise of education, and our American dream. The stakes are high but the possibilities are extraordinary.