Collective Impact: Strengthening the Practice of Cross-Sector Collaboration

Program Dates 
May 22-24, 2013 | Aspen, CO

Historically, cross-sector collaboration has been an effective method for education grantmakers to work within specific communities to improve educational outcomes for all learners. Our recent Benchmarking report discovered that 62 percent of education funders are engaged in such efforts. Additionally, more funders have turned toward using the Collective Impact framework to address complex education challenges while emphasizing results and collaboration.

To sharpen the field’s efforts, GFE’s member briefing will explore Collective Impact and cross-sector collaboration as effective strategies for improving education. We’ll dive deeply into the elements of the Collective Impact framework—including what it looks like in different stages of existence and its most impactful elements. In addition, we’ll unpack its limitations and the elements that most frequently prove challenging to implement. To do so, we’ll highlight real-time examples of Collective Impact and cross-sector collaboration work happening across the country.


GFE Members: Registration is complimentary; two-night hotel fee is $420. (Total: $420)

Eligible Nonmembers: Registration is $300; two-night hotel fee is $420. (Total: $720)

Registration closes Friday, April 12.

Learning outcomes

  1. Deepen grantmakers’ understanding of the collective impact framework by locating it within a philanthropic history of place-based and cross-sector collaboration.
  2. Identify optimal roles for national, regional and local funders while delineating tactical approaches for place-based investing.
  3. Highlight important roles intermediaries can play to support collective impact strategies that improve educational outcomes for all learners.
  4. Engage in peer knowledge sharing regarding effective strategies for investing in, and or implementing cross-sector collaboration; and how to ensure the sustainability of such initiatives.
  5. Demonstrate how funding collaboratively can effectively connect national and place-based philanthropic efforts that improve Collective Impact and cross-sector collaboration.

In particular, we invite education grantmakers who are currently engaged in cross-sector collaboration or implementers of Collective Impact to join us in Aspen, Colorado for this learning opportunity.