Equity Impact Group

Join the Equity Impact Group, a network of education philanthropists creating concrete outcomes around equity in education. The group facilitates learning and collaboration among foundations, promotes collective impact at scale, and supports grantmakers in the implementation of an equity lens internally and externally.

The mission of the Equity Impact Group is to support education grantmakers in their efforts and investments to mitigate the predictive power of demographic variables such as race, income, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and religion on student success in school and in life.

Equity means giving each and every student what they need to succeed, regardless of where they start or the challenges they face on the way. Foundations can serve as change-makers and catalysts in closing the aspiration and achievement gaps caused by inequities. These gaps are a serious problem in the United States because they demonstrate inequity within and across education systems. 

The Equity Impact Group can strengthen the impact grantmakers have on equity. The group has committed to addressing issues of equity within education and within philanthropy by designing big solutions in partnership with communities and thinking innovatively in addressing issues related to poverty, structural racism, and models that cripple our education systems.

The Equity Impact Group commits to the following impact measures:

  • Increase GFE members’ understanding of the importance of equitable practices, policies and systems.
  • Increase the number and percent of people of color in the field of philanthropy and the field of education to be more reflective of the students served.
  • Decrease the educational disparities as demonstrated by indicators within the pre-K, K-12 and higher education systems.

We welcome your participation.  Joining the Equity Impact Group will give you access to resources and a committed group of practitioners that can help you:

  • Be prepared to take on issues of equity internally and externally.
  • Target opportunities to decrease educational disparity across all indicators.
  • Educate partners about the importance of equitable practices, policies and systems.

All GFE members are invited to join the Equity Impact Group. Financial support is encouraged to help fulfill our impact measures. For more information, contact us at information@edfunders.org.