Join a Common Core Funders Working Group Call

Program Dates 
Wednesday, March 26 - 9:30am-11:45am ET

All Grantmakers for Education members are invited to join a Common Core Funders Working Group call on Wednesday, March 26 (9:30am-11:45am ET). The call will explore two challenges critical to whether the Common Core standards will survive and be a positive force for boosting student learning: (1) the need to broaden build public will and understanding of these expectations, and (2) the need to ensure educators have the skills, tools and resources to succeed at teaching the new standards. The call will address both of these challenges and is designed to give you specific ideas for what “successful” implementation looks like that truly engages and supports teachers. A full agenda is available here. RSVP to Jennifer Burns for call-in information.

And check out GFE's Common Core funder resources on our website.