2018 Annual Conference Sponsorship Packet

Grantmakers for Education Annual Conference

October 16-18, 2018
San Diego, California
Hotel del Coronado

The Equity Journey: Investing in the Whole Learner

We welcome you to continue the journey together toward equity in education at the 2018 Grantmakers for Education annual conference. Our journey thus far confirmed that learners, birth to career, must be prepared for new challenges in a new world. We also learned that, as education grantmakers, we can prepare ourselves to support learners in myriad ways in order to advance our investments in our nation’s future. Together we take the next step: to explore how to strengthen the whole learner.

It’s time to transform our thinking on when and how learning takes place. It’s time to broaden our understanding of how we can help learners succeed. Together at the conference, we will investigate what it takes to foster the whole learner by exploring interventions and support structures to enhance environments within and outside of school, as well as by examining how and why it is important to incorporate social and emotional competencies into the learning domain.

We need nothing less than a coordinated approach to creating healthy, safe and supportive environments that promote positive and versatile outcomes for the whole learner.

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About the Conference

Our signature program

Every year, we bring together a dynamic mix of education grantmakers, practitioners, youth and experts to share talent, insights and strategies. Focused on improving outcomes for all learners, the conference is designed to challenge education philanthropists as they adapt to a rapidly evolving field that is ever more interconnected.

Our compelling program pushes boundaries, challenges assumptions and capitalizes on the diversity of perspectives across the field. Attendees return year after year and consistently give our program, and the networking opportunity it provides, high marks.

What We Offer Conference Participants

  • An informal and balanced environment for collaborating, discussing and acting on important issues in public education.
  • The opportunity to prepare for what's next, focusing on relevant and pressing issues.
  • A chance to learn from expert researchers and practitioners about tools and knowledge needed to shape the future
  • Over 50 engaging breakout sessions, roundtable discussions and receptions developed by member organization leaders.
  • Dynamic plenary sessions with expert presenters and thought leaders in the fields of education, philanthropy and beyond.
  • Meaningful opportunities for networking and intelligence-sharing with more than 500 peers from philanthropic organizations of all sizes, funding interests and geographic focuses.

About Grantmakers for Education

The largest and most diverse consortium
 of education philanthropists in the nation

Founded in 1995 on the premise that collective insights, shared resources and constructive collaboration enable grantmakers to make more intentional and impactful investments in public education and beyond, Grantmakers for Education set out to demonstrate the power of networks in affecting greater change.

Our motto, Together, what’s next, positions us to build upon our strong history and move with our members toward the future, exploring new ideas and more strategic ways of working together.

Become a Conference Sponsor

A unique opportunity to invest in strengthening philanthropy
to improve outcomes and opportunities for all learners

Once a year, Grantmakers for Education members from around the country—from foundations big and small, with grantmaking budgets that range from tens of thousands to multi-millions of dollars—gather at our annual conference because they believe that we can strengthen our impact on education when we all work together and learn from each other’s successes and challenges.

An investment in this year’s annual conference is an investment in advancing a program specifically designed to deepen our conversations and further our actions around topics that will have a profound impact on the future of education. The conference provides an important opportunity for education grantmakers to work together toward the day when all learners succeed in their education and career choices, resulting in a positive impact on their community and the nation.

Join us in helping to bring this forward-thinking program to the leaders and movers in education philanthropy this October. See the following for a breakdown of sponsorship levels and benefits.


For more information about conference sponsorship, please contact Heidi Starks at hstarks@edfunders.org or 503-595-2100.