Board Nominations

On behalf of the GFE board of directors, we are excited to announce our plans to elect up to three new board members in fall 2014. We invite your nominations of candidates (yourself or others) who can help increase GFE’s impact.

This is an exciting time at Grantmakers for Education. We have an executive director with deep, substantive experience as an educator and grantmaker. We’re developing our first-ever strategic plan with our members and your impact in mind.  We’re coming off a year of successful programs and we look forward to having our new board leaders help us continue this momentum.

Deadline to submit

The deadline for nominations is April 28, 2014.

How to Nominat​e

1. Review the nomination materials. Read through the nomination form and the responsibilities and expectations of Board Members. 

Nomination form

Board Member Responsibilities and Expectations

2. Submit the nomination form to The deadline for nominations is April 28, 2014.


Grantmakers for Education has high expectations of its board members. The GFE board subscribes to Governance as Leadership, as described in the eponymous book and has oriented our work toward fiduciary, strategic, and generative roles. As a complement to our existing board members, we seek to recruit new members to build a board with the experience, commitment, and strategic skills to advance the overall strength and leadership of GFE.

Given GFE's position as the nation's largest network of grantmakers working to improve educational outcomes, the Board of Directors also seeks to ensure the board reflects our network's diversity including: region of the country; type of foundation (private, community, family, corporate, etc.); and gender, race, and ethnicity. Additional considerations for nominees will be their past and present engagement with GFE and the organizational and field leadership experience and perspectives the nominee could bring to the organization.

GFE board members are elected to a three-year term and can serve up to two terms.


  • According to our bylaws, GFE board members must serve as a trustee, board member, or staff representative of a GFE member organization
  • No GFE member may have more than one representative on the board at any time.
  • Newly elected board members will be expected to attend the Board of Directors’ meeting on Tuesday, October 21, 2014, in Miami (in conjunction with GFE’s annual conference).


For more details, prospective nominees are encouraged to contact Wynn Rosser at or 979-779-6100