Resources from the Field

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March 2018 | Personalized Learning and the Every Student Succeeds Act

This publication highlights trends that emerged during a year-long review of state ESSA plans and drafts.

March 2018 | Strategies for Improving Community College Student Financial Health
Achieving the Dream

This report examines strategies employed by six colleges over a two-year period for interventions that provide financial support for community college students and help students change financial behaviors.

March 2018 | Summer Learning Recruitment Guide
The Wallace Foundation

This guide and website provides keys to success for school districts that want to recruit students for summer learning programs.

March 2018 | Supporting Dual Language Learner Success in Superdiverse PreK-3 Classrooms: The Sobrato Early Academic Language Model
Migration Policy Institute

This report addresses the growing need for effective approaches to teaching in classrooms where children come from a variety of cultural and linguistic backgrounds.

March 2018 | Targeted Teacher Recruitment
Education Commission of the States

This report explores recent legislation and key areas of teacher recruitment, and provides summary information on past years’ legislative activities.

March 2018 | Teacher Development and Advancement
Education Commission of the States

This report explores recent legislation related to teacher professional development and advancement, including targeted supports and leadership opportunities.

March 2018 | Teacher Evaluations
Education Commission of the States

This report explores recent legislation related to teacher evaluations, including trends and the use of student growth. It is one of three policy snapshots on this topic from Education Commission of the States.

March 2018 | The Language of the Classroom: Dual Language Learners in Head Start, Public Pre-K, and Private Preschool Programs
Migration Policy Institute

As preschools increase in language diversity and multiculturalism, traditional models are being challenged.

March 2018 | Using Social-Emotional Learning Data in the CORE Districts: Lessons Learned
Data Quality Campaign

This resource details how some CORE school districts have been measuring non-academic elements of school quality, like student engagement.

February 2018 | Divided Justice: Trends in Black and White Jail Incarceration 1990-2013
Vera Institute of Justice

This report finds that while African-American people are still overwhelmingly overrepresented in local jails nationally, black incarceration is falling while white incarceration is on the rise.