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Resources from the Field

The views reflected in these publications are those of the authors and do not reflect the views of Grantmakers for Education. For more resources and to post your own, remember to visit GFE Connects, our online member community.

May 2017 | Searching for Opportunity: Examining Racial Gaps in Access to Quality Schools in California and a List of Spotlight Schools

This report shows wide discrepancies in parents' access to high quality schools in the state of California. However, some schools are defying the statistics. 

April 2017 | ESSA: Mapping opportunities for civic education
Education Commission of the States

This report provides an ESSA overview and shows how specific ESSA goals can be reached through civic learning and engagement.

April 2017 | Family Ties: Multigenerational Family Foundation Board Engagement
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

This report provides insight into good governance in family foundations.

April 2017 | How to Lead Collective Impact Working Groups
Collective Impact Forum

This toolkit provides tools, templates and tips for working group leaders to lead meetings and strategically contribute to successful initiatives.

April 2017 | Online courses for credit recovery in high schools: Effectiveness and promising practices
Nellie Mae Education Foundation

This study examines credit recovery programs at 24 Massachusetts high schools with challenging dropout rates.

April 2017 | Shifting Winds: Foundations Respond to a New Political Context
The Center for Effective Philanthropy

This report, based on survey responses from foundations, outlines how foundations are adapting their strategies in light of the new national context. 

April 2017 | State of the States Landscape Report: State-Level Policies Supporting Equitable K–12 Computer Science Education
Education Commission of the States

This report investigates the progress in developing state-level equitable K-12 computer science education.

March 2017 | A Date Certain: Lessons from Limited Life Foundations
Center for Effective Philantrhopy

This report features interviews from 11 leaders of limited life foundations in an effort to learn more about their decisions to spend down and the challenges they face in fulfilling their goals in a finite period of time.

March 2017 | Promoting the Educational Success of Children and Youth Learning English: Promising Futures
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

This report reveals that more than nine percent of the country's learners, English Language Learners, are not getting the resources they need to achieve academic success.

March 2017 | Seven Years of Summer: The Story of the Packard Foundation’s Catalytic Investment in Summer Learning in California
The David & Lucile Packard Foundation

Quality summer experiences are the key to preventing a decline in learning; the foundation's seven-year investment got the ball rolling.