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September 2022

The Future of Smart: Episode 10

Podcast host Ulcca Joshi Hansen speaks with Karen Pittman, cofounder and senior fellow, The Forum for Youth Investment, to explore centering health and human development to transform education.

Grantmakers for Education

September 2022

Equity as a Verb: Lessons from and with Grantees

The privilege inherent in grantmaking and philanthropy’s conventions can create obstacles for deepening relationships with grantees and addressing the complexity essential to creating social change. In this EdFunders case study, we explore how one funder created space for advancing shared action around these challenges in their co-designed grantee convenings. 

Grantmakers for Education

September 2022

Building Community from Crisis: A Collaborative Fund for the Out-of-School Time Field

What steps can grantmakers take to go above and beyond when an entire education sector is faced with unexpected challenges? This EdFunders case study explores a pooled fund created and launched to help out-of-school time organizations continue to support children and families through the first year of the pandemic and beyond.

Grantmakers for Education

September 2022

Celine Coggins Reflects on Her Time at the Helm of Grantmakers for Education

After four years at Grantmakers for Education, Executive Director Celine Coggins is moving on. Inside Philanthropy talked to Coggins about changes she has seen in education philanthropy and her plans for the future.

Inside Philanthropy
  • October

    2022 Annual Conference

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October 1, 2022

2022 California STEAM Symposium

We will come together to explore high-quality strategies to cultivate systems that promote life-long learning for everyone through inclusive and targeted practices, high-impact techniques, and policies, whether from a classroom or organizational point of view. These approaches promote a sense of belonging and ignite student passion for learning as well as support the social-emotional development of […]

October 4, 2022

Out-of-School Time Bimonthly Funder Meetup: Winning Sustained Public Financing for Children and Youth Programs

Join the EdFunders Out-of-School Time Impact Group for an ongoing conversation with Grantmakers for Education members who fund or are interested in funding the out-of-school time sector. October 4: we’ll launch a new learning cohort focused on sustainable public financing.