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May 2024

Grantmakers for Education Membership Update and FAQ

In order to streamline our membership process, we will be shifting the membership period from the anniversary of each member’s join date to the calendar year (January through December) as of 2026.

Grantmakers for Education

April 2024

Member Insights: Infusing Playful Learning into Everyday Places

Most kids spend just 20% of their waking hours in the classroom. How can communities harness some of the remaining 80% for meaningful and joyful opportunities to learn?

Grantmakers for Education

April 2024

A Farewell from EdFunders' Chief Program Officer

It has been an honor to work with our team and you, our members, to co-create programs and spaces that explore the contours of critical questions of our time.

Grantmakers for Education

Afterschool and Summer Workforce Solutions Database

Use this searchable database to learn about local, state and national practices that are contributing to a thriving out-of-school time workforce. Strategies address issues such as recruitment, retention, compensation, career pathways, staff wellbeing, BIPOC leadership and more.

Grantmakers for Education and Partners
  • June

    From Connections to Power to Liberation: Imperatives for Education Justice

    Learn about education victories and ways philanthropy can help to build sustainable power for the education justice movement.

June 18, 2024

Postsecondary Spotlight on Workforce Training Pathways

Join national experts to learn about the growth and impact of workforce training programs, and what this growth means for ‘traditional’ higher education.

June 20, 2024

A Welcome for New Members

Join fellow new members and EdFunders staff get to know each other, learn about ways to engage and share ideas for the future. RSVP by June 10.