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The Future of Smart: Episode 2

Podcast host Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen speaks with author Annie Murphy Paul about her book The Extended Mind and how learning shifts when we break free of our brain bound conceptions of thought.

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Investing in Academic Supports for Students Still Matters

Schools have re-opened and want to help all students reach their potential. It is time for donors to re-consider supporting academic experiences as well as the social-emotional side of learning, says Grantmakers for Education's executive director, Celine Coggins.

Giving Compass

2022 Annual Conference Sponsorship Packet

Grantmakers for Education invites members to sponsor our 26th annual conference — Igniting Hope in a Time of Recovery.

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January 2022

Who Is EdFunders?

You may have noticed “EdFunders” showing up in our materials. We’ve decided it’s time to adopt EdFunders as our official nickname.

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  • May

    Helping Students Thrive: Differentiating Mental Health Supports from Social and Emotional Learning

    What are the fundamental differences in the frameworks of mental health, SEL, and mental illness? What stigmas continue to stand in the way of our support for each? We’ll explore language, actions and interventions and the role of philanthropy to advance all supports for youth during this critical time.

June 7, 2022

Out-of-School Time Bimonthly Funder Meetup: June 2022

Join the EdFunders Out-of-School Time Impact Group for an ongoing conversation with Grantmakers for Education members who fund or are interested in funding the out-of-school time sector. June 7: Topic TBA.

June 13, 2022

Educating for American Democracy: More Important Than Ever

June 13, 3:00 pm ET A year ago, group of scholars, teachers and other stakeholders from across the ideological spectrum released the Roadmap to Educating for American Democracy, presenting a broad vision for the integration of history and civics education throughout grades K–12. Since then, history and civics learning has become a red-hot issue at […]