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February 2024

The Future of Smart: Episode 27

Jamie Allison of the Walter & Elise Haas Fund joins The Future of Smart podcast to talk about the ideological shifts that have led the fund to engage in interest-based partnerships with the organizations they fund, and what that's meant for their work.

Grantmakers for Education

February 2024

Member Insights: Why Is Now the Time to Invest in Public Education Advocacy?

Funders should take note: grantmakers who want to strengthen public education and support multi-racial democracy can invest in this critical pathway forward.

Grantmakers for Education

January 2024

LEAD Impact Group 2024 Summer Fellowship Program Application Open

Apply by March 15 to join the Summer Fellowship Program, designed just for EdFunders members. An educational research fellow will work with you to answer a research question that will shed light on an issue of importance to you.

Grantmakers for Education

January 2024

What's Ahead for 2024

Learn about Grantmakers for Education's priorities and plans for 2024. Let's make our shared purpose shine.

Grantmakers for Education
  • February

    The Future of Math: Content Students Need for the 21st Century

    What math content will students need to succeed in the future? An esteemed panel of experts will share their ideas about math content that will support students to thrive in careers and life.

March 12, 2024

Equity Storytelling Fellowship Information Session

Learn more about the equity storytelling fellowship! We’ll offer two cohorts this year. Come to this webinar to learn about both and hear from the facilitators and past fellows.

April 9, 2024

Creating Playful Learning Cities: A Philadelphia Study Tour

Join Grantmakers for Education, William Penn Foundation, and The Grable Foundation in Philadelphia on April 9-10, 2024, for a study tour to learn about playful learning: the science, the outcomes, and the promise it holds for advancing children’s learning and development.