Resources from the Field

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May 2018 | Bracing for a Downturn: Nonprofits, Charitable Deduction Worries, and How Foundations Can Help
Center for Effective Philanthropy

This report provides guidance to foundations in response to the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that went into effect January 2018. Nonprofits and foundations alike are concerned that the new law may reduce charitable giving.

May 2018 | Music Matters
Education Commission of the States

This report explores the importance of music on student learning outcomes.

May 2018 | Nudges, Norms, and New Solutions
Heckscher Foundation for Children

This educator resource provides evidence-based strategies to help students get to and through college.

May 2018 | Supporting Postsecondary Success: Understanding the College Access and Success Landscape in Boston
The University of Massachusetts Donahue Institution

This report presents the findings of the latest study of college access and success in Boston.

May 2018 | The Permanent Detour: Underemployment’s Long-Term Effects on the Careers of College Grads
Strada Institute for the Future of Work

This report draws on analysis from four million resumes and federal data sets to conclude that underemployment out of college can have long-term consequences on career potential and earnings.

April 2018 | 50-State Comparison: School Leader Certification and Preparation Programs
Education Commission of the States

School leadership has been found to be one of the greatest contributors to student achievement. It also improves teacher retention.

April 2018 | Being the Change: 12 Ways Foundations Are Transforming Themselves to Transform Their Impact

Based on 114 interviews, this report details 12 ways foundations are applying skills, knowledge and more to create impact at scale and create systemic change.

April 2018 | Charter School Deserts: High-Poverty Neighborhoods with Limited Educational Options
Thomas B. Fordham Institute

This report and its accompanying website address the distribution of charter elementary schools across the country and identify "deserts" - areas with moderate or high poverty and no charter elementary schools.

April 2018 | DEI Expert Hub

The DEI Expert Hub helps education-focused nonprofits, funders, school leaders and technology entrepreneurs access skills and guidance for diversity, equity and inclusion within their organizations.

April 2018 | From Vision to Reality: Personalized, Competency-Based Learning for All Kids

The purpose of this publication is to help school districts advance personalized and competency-based education and to provide support to school leaders for this work.