Feb 2023

Grantmakers for Education Membership Dues Increase

Grantmakers for Education continues to offer high quality programs and resources for members and the education grantmaking community, despite the challenges of the last few years. In fact, we have not only maintained our high level of service, but have significantly expanded our program offerings during this period. Under the forthcoming leadership of a new executive director, we will remain committed to maintaining or even expanding our offerings. However, our costs have increased significantly during this period due to inflation. Over the four-year period since our prior dues increase, the cost of living has increased by almost 18% based on the Consumer Price Index.

The need for a dues increase is straightforward and clear. A modest increase in revenue paves a solid path for us to maintain our member value and deliver on our mission. This adjustment also supports our new executive director in focusing on building a strong future for the organization. At the recommendation of our board of directors, Grantmakers for Education will be increasing membership dues by approximately 5% across all levels as of March 1, 2023. Current members that renew by June 30 will be able to renew at the prior rate. We encourage current members to renew early in order to take advantage of this special renewal offer.

With acknowledgement that our members are facing the same challenges that we are, we have chosen to hold our dues increase to a modest 5%. We are confident that your increased investment will provide you with a positive return in member value. There is a wealth of collective power in our community, and our team shares your commitment to ensuring our efforts advance equity for all learners. We are able to work jointly toward this goal thanks to your continued partnership and membership.

The following dues schedule goes into effect as of March 1. We will honor the prior dues rate for members who renew by June 30.

Total Organizational Grantmaking and Operational Budget

Dues Level Through 2/28/23

Dues Level as of 3/1/23




























Members, please watch for an email from us extending the opportunity to renew at the prior dues rate. We’ll include an easy renewal link with prefilled fields. Once you renew, your next renewal will be advanced a year from your original renewal date. Please also note that our banking information has changed due to a merger. This affects our bank name, routing number and account number. We will be sure to provide the new information in any financial correspondence.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time to ask a question or provide feedback. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you now and well into the future.