Apr 14 2021

2021 Education Grantmakers Institute

Grantmakers for Education


April 14, 2021 - May 19, 2021

The Big Vision for the Next Stage of Education Philanthropy:
Supporting Equity, Innovation and Learning

Join Grantmakers for Education for the 2021 Education Grantmakers Institute. Starting April 14, 2021, this six-week virtual program will feature weekly sessions from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. guided by Harvard faculty that dig into essential issues and top priorities for education funders.

Last fall, Grantmakers for Education surveyed members and colleagues on their beliefs about where education philanthropy should focus as the education system recovers from the crises that have characterized the past year. This year’s Education Grantmakers Institute is built from the priorities voiced by education philanthropists. This premier professional development program enlists faculty from Harvard University and beyond to guide the process of learning through the lens of history and the latest research.

This past year marked an unexpected turning point in the way Americans learn and the way they will learn in the future. A global pandemic, racial reckoning, and economic crisis set the context for a year of turmoil across the education sector.

The potential for philanthropy to help shape the future of the American system of education has never been greater. Change is happening. But there is no guarantee that this change will result in improved and equitable educational outcomes for learners. Education funders must determine from an array of opportunities and needs where to focus their resources to leverage the change they hope to see in how our nation’s education system functions and serves learners going forward.

Together we will sharpen our collective agenda to support schools in the coming era. This is the moment for us to come together in service of a bold and inclusive vision for the future.

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Out-of-School Time Bimonthly Funder Meetup: Preparing for the Fiscal Cliff
Oct 3 2023

Out-of-School Time Bimonthly Funder Meetup: Preparing for the Fiscal Cliff

Join the EdFunders Out-of-School Time Impact Group for an ongoing conversation with Grantmakers for Education members who fund or are interested in funding the out-of-school time sector. October 3: Preparing for the fiscal cliff and sustaining state-level infrastructure.

Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) Conference
Oct 4 2023 - Oct 6 2023

Center for Culturally Responsive Evaluation and Assessment (CREA) Conference

As scholars, practitioners, and as global citizens, we are surrounded by toxicity in ways that can make the ideals of...