Learning Environment Commitment

Grantmakers for Education (EdFunders) is pleased to offer our members an environment in which they can freely network with peers, share best practices, and have open, frank dialogue about issues that concern them. Members value the ability to convene, communicate and explore collaborative opportunities—grantmaker to grantmaker—free from grant seeking or other solicitation. Grantmakers for Education sustains this valued solicitation-free learning community by carefully weighing the eligibility of prospective members and program participants, and by reminding program participants (whether they are members or funders who are eligible for membership, invited guests or speakers) of our mutually-shared commitment to foster a learning-focused environment.

EdFunders offers programs and activities as a member benefit in order to serve members’ learning objectives as education grantmakers. Some offerings are open to broader participation; please see each event’s description to determine your eligibility to attend. All participants in any EdFunders activity, whether members, speakers, guests, session organizers, etc., agree to participate in the spirit of our solicitation-free learning environment.