Learning Environment Commitment

Grantmakers for Education (EdFunders) is pleased to offer our members an environment in which they can freely network with peers, share best practices, and have open, frank dialogue about issues that concern them. Members value the ability to convene, communicate and explore collaborative funding opportunities— grantmaker to grantmaker—free from approach of potential grantseekers or other solicitations. Grantmakers for Education sustains this valued solicitation-free learning community by carefully weighing the eligibility of prospective members, and by reminding program participants (whether they are members or eligible non-members) of our mutually-shared commitment to foster a dynamic learning environment.

Membership in Grantmakers for Education is open to education grantmakers who meet our eligibility criteria. In our commitment to include a wide range of education grantmakers and perspectives, we understand that, in addition to making grants, some EdFunders members also seek grants, donors or clients. Our intent as an organization—and the mutual understanding of all EdFunders members—is that members engage in Grantmakers for Education and with each other to enhance their education grantmaking and their roles as grantmakers, and not to promote fundraising.

Grantmakers for Education members and program participants respect their education philanthropy colleagues and the integrity of Grantmakers for Education as a network through their commitment to the following:

  • Organizations join Grantmakers for Education with the primary interest of becoming more effective and capable education grantmakers and engaging with colleagues in that shared interest.
  • The Grantmakers for Education member directory is a tool for members to network and share information, and is not to be used for any purpose related to fundraising or soliciting.
  • Development/fundraising staff aren’t eligible for membership in Grantmakers for Education, even if they work for member organizations; they aren’t listed in the EdFunders member directory, nor do they participate in any EdFunders programs or activities.
  • Solicitation/development activities should not take place in direct connection with one’s EdFunders membership or participation in Grantmakers for Education program or activity.
  • When members share the directory with outside people/organizations working on the members’ behalf (for instance, to disseminate a project report or other data), all involved understand and agree that the directory is confidential and proprietary, that it will be used one time only, and that the exported data will be destroyed after such use.
  • Anyone who participates in any Grantmakers for Education program or activity as a guest of, or on behalf of, EdFunders or a member (e.g., speakers, consultants, session organizers, etc.) does so with these same agreements.

We are proud to work with you to strengthen education philanthropy. Through these collective agreements, we support all Grantmakers for Education members in collegial spirit.