Jun 7 2022

Children Thrive in Equitable Communities: Eleven Simple Rules to Help us Get There

The Hunt Institute


How adults interact has a deep and lasting influence on the children in their care. And yet, the early learning field spends very little time focusing on these relationships and interactions. To co-create communities in which every child can thrive, all adults in the child’s ecosystem need to come together with mutual respect, collaboration, and inclusivity

The Eleven Simple Rules is a framework that helps adults establish a new, equitable model of working together. This framework helps adults break down silos and dismantle inequitable power structures, and it is replicable across all early learning environments. When the Eleven Simple Rules are integrated as a daily practice, they lead to high quality learning in the classroom and beyond — from parks, playgrounds, homes, buses to every part of a child’s ecosystem.

In this webinar, panelists will introduce the framework of the Eleven Simple Rules for thriving communities. Members of the Wyoming Quality Learning Network will describe how they used the Eleven Simple Rules to create an effective statewide collaboration. The results have been a shared vision of quality across all early learning settings and pathways for thriving, equitable communities for children and families in Wyoming.



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