Jul 2 2020

How Philanthropy Can Support Innovation, Equity and the Future of Education in the COVID Era

Grantmakers for Education


July 2, 2020

Join the Greater LA Education Foundation and Grantmakers for Education for a discussion on how philanthropy can support innovations such as blended learning models, alternative methods of assessment, and tele-health supports. The discussion will also touch on equity concerns related to assessing learning loss, accelerating learning and access to high-quality online learning.


  • John Garcia, Ed.L.D, President, Greater LA Education Foundation - Moderator
  • Celine Coggins, Ph.D., Executive Director, Grantmakers for Education - Moderator
  • James Honan, Ed.D., Faculty, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Robyn Anders, Ed.D., Coordinator, Instructional Technology, Burbank USD
  • Debbie McHorney, Teacher on Special Assignment, Instructional Technology, Burbank USD
  • Justin Barra, MPP, Director, Education Policy, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
  • Miho Kubagawa, Ed.L.D., Partner, NewSchools Venture Fund
  • Tyler Thigpen, Ed.L.D, Co-founder & Head of Institute for Self Directed Learning & The Forest School


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