Mar 17 2022

Putting Data to Work for Young People: Bridging Practice and Research through Continuous Improvement

Every Hour Counts


Do you struggle with data collection? Is it difficult for you to know what to measure and how to use data in real time to drive system change, quality improvement, and positive outcomes for youth?

In this webinar, we’ll discuss why data collection is essential, how we can use data to advance equity goals, and effective practices for both. We will also preview the newly released Every Hour Counts Measurement Framework and accompanying Guidebook, resources to help communities set a shared vision and process for using data for improvement—with a focus on advancing equitable systems—at the youth, program, and system levels.

Jennifer McCombs from Learning Policy Institute and the RAND Corporation and Anamarie Whitaker with the University of Delaware, who led the design of the Every Hour Counts Measurement Framework and Guidebook, will share useful tips on afterschool leaders can apply the measurement framework to their own continuous improvement processes. We will hear how one intermediary, Boston After School & Beyond, put the framework into practice. Femi Vance, of the American Institutes for Research, will share insights based on her observations of how organizations are currently staging their use of the Framework. 



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