Sep 25 2020

Rural Education 101: What Funders Need to Know About Rural U.S.

Grantmakers for Education


September 25, 2020

Rural communities account for a significant portion of the U.S. population and economy. About 60 million people live in rural areas and one in four students are educated in schools defined as rural. Yet, due to preconceived notions, data availability and a lack of rural know-how in an increasingly urban nation, comparatively little is known about rural realities - and about rural education. Increasingly, education philanthropists from across the country are waking to the immense need for more focus on rural areas and rural education due to the scale of the challenges and lack of support that currently exists.

In partnership with several rural-serving education foundations, Grantmakers for Education is working to deepen the understanding education philanthropists have of rural America. This webinar will be the starting point of a rural education learning series. Leslie Gurrola of Greater Texas Foundation will moderate a discussion with Anita Brown Graham of UNC School of Government, Katharine Ferguson of the Aspen Institute Community Strategies Group, and Olugbenga Ajilore of Center for American Progress to explore these questions:

  1. What is rurality and why is it so hard to define?
  2. What are the preconceived notions and myths associated with rurality?
  3. What data is available regarding the diversity that exists among rural communities?
  4. What is different about working in rural regions?
  5. What are the areas in which more research is needed?

Join us as we set the stage for a series on deeper learning centered on rural education.

This event is intended for members and education grantmakers. There is no cost to attend this Grantmakers for Education program.


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