Nov 16 2022

Supporting Rural Youth to Thrive #1 – Voices from the Field

Grantmakers for Thriving Youth


One in five young people in the US lives in a rural community. For grantmakers committed to thriving youth, it’s important to understand the unique assets, opportunities, and challenges of supporting rural youth to thrive. Join GTY for a 2-part program focused on rural youth.

Join GTY and a panel of practitioners to discuss the opportunities and challenges to thriving in rural communities. We’ll discuss: caution against the notion that rural places are all alike; the importance of listening to local expertise and youth voice; the unique strengths of rural communities; and how challenges including economic stagnation, and stress, anxiety and depression are impacting rural youth.

• Dr. Michael Figueroa, Chair, Children’s Cabinet, West Kern Consortium Community Schools | CEO, Figueroa Consulting (Taft, CA)
• Dr. Gerri M. Maxwell, Professor and Chair of Educational Leadership, Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi
• Fidelina Saso, Assistant Superintendent, Lost Hills Unified Elementary School District (Kern County, CA)

• Ayeola Kinlaw, Facilitator, Grantmakers for Thriving Youth

This program is free and open to grantmakers and others in the thriving youth community. GTY’s webinars and funder learning opportunities are made possible through the time and expertise of presenters from the field.



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