Sep 21 2022

The Great Resignation: Workers’ Experiences With Job and Education Transitions

Strada Education Network


The decision made by millions of workers to leave their jobs in the wake of the pandemic has become known as the Great Resignation. Our research explores the aspirations and experiences driving these record numbers, and the role played by postsecondary education and training in helping workers navigate employment transitions. Based on a survey of individuals who have made an employment change since March 2020, the desire to pursue better opportunities far outweighs dissatisfaction as the primary motivation for the change, and their satisfaction with a new job is linked to those individual motivations. Additional findings reveal that while interest in postsecondary education and training remains high, particularly for those experiencing an employment change, concerns about cost and doubts about economic and career outcomes remain persistent barriers to enrollment. Join Strada researchers, guest panelists, and moderator Paul Fain at 2 p.m. Eastern time Wednesday, Sept. 21, for insights and discussion about what’s behind employment changes and how policymakers, educators, and employers can support individuals in pursuing their education and career goals.



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Out-of-School Time Bimonthly Funder Meetup: June 2023

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