Jan 2022

Meet Grantmakers for Education's New Strategy & Brand

Over 2021, the team at Grantmakers for Education dove deep into what we as an organization can do best to serve you in education philanthropy, and how to convey what we offer in a new, more inviting way. In partnership with our members, we developed an equity-centered mission, vision and strategy, as well as an energetic presence conveyed through our new logo and website. Our new tagline, Ignite Possibility, is a constant reminder of our purpose and the positive impact we can make for our members and learners everywhere. Join us in celebrating a bold and vibrant Grantmakers for Education!


Our vision is for all learners to thrive in education systems that are equitable and just, supported by funders who are equipped with the knowledge and connections to advance transformation.


Grantmakers for Education catalyzes learning, fosters connections and creates opportunities for members to collectively advance effective, strategic and equity-centered grantmaking in the field of education.

Strategic Objectives

Grantmakers for Education has three objectives that serve as its North Star: centering equity; deeper learning; and thought leadership.

CENTERING EQUITY AND ANTI-RACISM. This commitment will guide our support for changes in education philanthropy. It will also show up as building staff, board and member capacity and elevating diverse member voices.

DEEPER LEARNING. Our programming will serve as a platform for deeper learning and connection among members. We will focus on building skills, knowledge and relationships that support members investing in systems change in education.

THOUGHT LEADERSHIP. In rapidly changing times, we will analyze cross-network trends and engage in partnerships to strengthen funders’ commitments to education and their capacity to move the field forward.

Guiding Principles

We accomplish our work guided by five core principles:

WE UNITE FOR EQUITY AND JUSTICE. Grantmakers for Education is grounded in an approach that centers racial justice because we believe most challenges facing the education system stem from foundational inequities within the system.

WE INSPIRE BREAKTHROUGHS. We are the largest forum in education philanthropy, a hub where new connections and ideas take root. We challenge the status quo and inspire new creative thinking.

WE ARE A COMPASS. We are uniquely positioned to identify key trends and insight into the “why” behind them, offering perspective that enables members to situate their work, navigate their world and enhance their impact.

WE SUPPORT UNITED ACTION. We link new allies and galvanize our members to take collective action – with other funders and with the communities they serve - which enables us to tackle bigger problems together more effectively.

WE CHAMPION THE CAUSE. We are a steady advocate for positive change and a resource for expanding the visibility of members’ work to advance justice in education and meet learners’ needs.

New Look & Website

Our redesigned presence, including an updated website and logo, reflects our energy and positive approach.

Beyond the new look, our website offers you more!

  • Find what you need front and center – we’ve improved navigation and moved high value content where it’s easy to find.
  • Amplify your work – with just a few clicks, you can submit your relevant events, resources and job announcements to be shared with the community. 
  • Share your ideas – we’ve made it easy to let us know what you want to learn about or do, whether it be a program or collaboration, so that we can be responsive to you. 
  • Join and renew more easily – there’s now a more streamlined membership and renewal form with easier payment processing.


We believe in the need for philanthropy as a catalyst for creating a just world. Since our very start, we have strived to prepare our members for the challenges and opportunities they face in order to make a positive impact on learners everywhere. Our work is demanding, but together, with our new brand and strategy and our remarkable members, we are energized to rise to meet those challenges head-on.