Playful Learning Impact Group

Turning everyday places into vibrant learning spaces.

Playful Learning Impact Group

Playful learning seeks to augment learning that takes place in schools by transforming cities, public spaces and everyday places such as bus stops, supermarkets and parks into fun, engaging and interactive learning opportunities for children and families.  Playful learning advances children’s and youth’s learning and development while also promoting community-led change. 

Impact Group Goals

  • To build connections with funders currently investing or interested in investing in playful learning projects. 
  • To share best practices, resources and lessons learned for funders investing in the field.
  • To learn from experts in the field, including researchers, policymakers and nonprofit leaders.

Learn more about playful learning via this Member Insights article.


We have held several playful learning programs. Visit the links to view recordings and learn more.

Join Us

If you are a Grantmakers for Education member and are interested in learning more about playful learning and being in community with other funders who share this interest, please fill out this form. For questions, contact

Playful Learning Impact Group

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