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The Future of Smart: Episode 6

Podcast host Ulcca Joshi Hansen speaks with Deanna James, president of the St. Croix Foundation for Community Development, about the foundation's approach to transforming local ecosystems through radical partnership and grantmaking.

Grantmakers for Education

Leadership Transition at Grantmakers for Education

Grantmakers for Education

New Trends in Philanthropy to Support Racial Equity and Learners of Color

Grantmakers for Education





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June 2022

What Is the Latest with Educating for American Democracy?

Did you miss our webinar on the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap held in coordination with PACE and Grantmakers for Thriving Youth? Catch up on what happened here.

Philanthropy for Active Civic Engagement (PACE)
May 2022

How parents can help kids redefine what it means to be smart

In this episode of the Curation Corner, we discuss the article How Parents Can Help Kids Redefine What It Means To Be Smart by Ulcca Joshi Hansen. In what ways can we help our learners (and one another) to see and value the ways in which we ARE smart?

The Human School
May 2022

Investing in Academic Supports for Students Still Matters

Schools have re-opened and want to help all students reach their potential. It is time for donors to re-consider supporting academic experiences as well as the social-emotional side of learning, says Grantmakers for Education's executive director, Celine Coggins.

Giving Compass
May 2022

How to Rebuild Teaching and Learning

Carnegie Corporation’s Saskia Levy Thompson joins other education leaders to discuss reforming learning systems to support innovation and equity for all students in this EdFunders program.

Carnegie Corporation of New York
April 2022

The Future of Education is Human-Centered - A Conversation with Ulcca Joshi Hansen

"If we can admit all kids are not the same, why are we still trying to drive them through the same factory system of education?" This week Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen stops by to share her thoughts on centering humanity and relationships at all levels of our school systems.

Free Range Humans Podcast
April 2022

Episode 140 - The Future of Smart with Ulcca Joshi Hansen

Fabienne Vailes speaks with Ulcca Joshi Hansen - author of The Future of Smart: How our education systems need to change to help all young people thrive and Chief Program Officer at Grantmakers for Education.

Flourishing Education Podcast

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