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Equity as a Verb: Lessons from and with Grantees

The privilege inherent in grantmaking and philanthropy’s conventions can create obstacles for deepening relationships with grantees and addressing the complexity essential to creating social change. In this EdFunders case study, we explore how one funder created space for advancing shared action around these challenges in their co-designed grantee convenings. 

Grantmakers for Education

The Future of Smart: Episode 10

Grantmakers for Education

Building Community from Crisis: A Collaborative Fund for the Out-of-School Time Field

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March 2022

Ulcca Joshi Hansen: What Should Education Look Like in the Future?

Dr. Hansen and Whitney Johnson discuss the history of modern education, and how a holistic, mastery-based approach might better prepare students for a world of rapid change.

Disrupt Yourself Podcast
February 2022

How parents can help kids redefine what it means to be smart

EdFunders Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen: "The disruption of the coronavirus pandemic was a reminder that “smart” has come to represent a flattened, dehumanized idea of human capability, and that our children are so much more."

Washington Post
February 2022

Education Grant Makers Need to Leave Their Covid Comfort Zones and Spend Time in Schools

EdFunders Dr. Celine Coggins: "Without physical proximity to those education philanthropy serves, relationships suffer, and we are less valuable at a time when schools are in greatest need. So, what are the options?"

Chronicle of Philanthropy
December 2021

Higher Education and Post-secondary Trends to Watch in 2022

Ulcca Joshi Hansen, Chief Program Officer at Grantmakers for Education, provides some of her predictions for 2022 and beyond in the post-secondary landscape.

December 2021

Moving toward human liberatory models

The Coconut Thinking podcast brings together educational provocateurs who are re-thinking school as a concept and a space.

Coconut Thinking Podcast
December 2021

The Future of Smart

Just released! New book by Grantmakers for Education's Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen. The book explores how funders and policymakers can leverage the disruptions of COVID to build P-K through postsecondary systems in ways that reflect research on human development, learning science and the future of work and civil society.

Grantmakers for Education

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