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Member Insights: Why Is Now the Time to Invest in Public Education Advocacy?

Funders should take note: grantmakers who want to strengthen public education and support multi-racial democracy can invest in this critical pathway forward.

Grantmakers for Education

The Future of Smart: Episode 27

Grantmakers for Education

LEAD Impact Group 2024 Summer Fellowship Program Application Open

Grantmakers for Education





November 2022

S3 Ep8: Ulcca Joshi Hansen, Grantmakers for Education

Ulcca Joshi Hansen, author and chief program officer of Grantmakers for Education, joins us to talk about the highlights of her personal observations of education across the world and best practices to apply in remaking learning landscapes.

Remaking Tomorrow podcast
October 2022

Opportunities for Donors to Support Civics Education and a Healthy Democracy

The health of American democracy has become an inescapable topic for those in philanthropy. How did we get to this tenuous place? What can be done to deescalate the current polarization? Where are the entry points for donors to make a difference?

Giving Compass
September 2022

Activating Generation X with Celine Coggins

Celine joins host Mike Palmer in a conversation about her new endeavor, The Legacy Years Project, an initiative looking to activate members of Generation X to establish a positive collective legacy.

Trending in Education podcast
September 2022

Celine Coggins Reflects on Her Time at the Helm of Grantmakers for Education

After four years at Grantmakers for Education, Executive Director Celine Coggins is moving on. Inside Philanthropy talked to Coggins about changes she has seen in education philanthropy and her plans for the future.

Inside Philanthropy
September 2022

A Human-Centered Approach to Learning and the Education System

Ulcca Joshi Hansen, Chief Program Officer at Grantmakers for Education and author of the Future of Smart, joined Eric Rodriguez, Regional Education Director at Intel to discuss human-centered learning and it's potential to transform the education system.

July 2022

Summer Read: The Future of Smart

In this episode, we discuss The Future of Smart: How Our Education System Needs to Change to Help all Young People Thrive. The author, Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen, shares her inspiration for the book and how Montessori schools play a role in changing our education system so all children flourish.

Montessori in Action Podcast

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