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Member Insights: Why Is Now the Time to Invest in Public Education Advocacy?

Funders should take note: grantmakers who want to strengthen public education and support multi-racial democracy can invest in this critical pathway forward.

Grantmakers for Education

The Future of Smart: Episode 27

Grantmakers for Education

LEAD Impact Group 2024 Summer Fellowship Program Application Open

Grantmakers for Education





January 2024

On the Same Page: A Primer on the Science of Reading and Its Future for Policymakers, School Leaders, and Advocates

This is a primer on “the science of reading” for policymakers, advocates and the media. This publication aims to provide a clear fact base for discussions about reading instruction and lessons from past large-scale reform efforts. 

January 2024

Learning and Earning by Degrees

Learning and Earning by Degrees: Gains in College Degree Attainment Have Enriched the Nation and Every State, but Racial and Gender Inequality Persists, which examines the monetary and nonmonetary benefits associated with increased college degree attainment between 2010 and 2020.

Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce
December 2023

Navigating the Artificial Intelligence Revolution in Schools

AI, like all technology, is neither inherently good nor bad; what matters is how it’s deployed. And the research for this report suggests that the most effective way to use artificial intelligence in schools is as a tool that supports rather than supplants educators.

December 2023

A Common Agenda: How Three Communities Overcame Societal Tumult to Create Educational Equity Agendas

This report tells a story about the power of community-led, community-driven change, detailing how three communities produced a shared education equity agenda. EdFunders Executive Director Nicole Rodriguez Leach contributed the foreword highlighting the learnings for education philanthropy.

The Harwood Institute
December 2023

Across the Aisle: Bridging the Education Divide

This survey captures insights from parents and voters on a variety of education issues ranging from career readiness, student mental health, childhood literacy, school choice, parental involvement in education, and more. Funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The Hunt Institute and Carnegie Corporation of New York
December 2023

The Economic Value of a Postsecondary Education: State Profiles

These state profiles show the economic benefit of additional postsecondary graduates in each state. This research bolsters advocacy efforts aimed at reducing the cost of college by quantifying the long-term gains to state economies of producing more postsecondary graduates. 

National College Attainment Network (NCAN)

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