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The Future of Smart: Episode 7

Podcast host Ulcca Joshi Hansen speaks with Jaime Casap, venture mentor at Coplex and former Google education evangelist, about the future of work in a digitized, technology-driven world.

Grantmakers for Education

Leadership Transition at Grantmakers for Education

Grantmakers for Education

New Trends in Philanthropy to Support Racial Equity and Learners of Color

Grantmakers for Education





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August 2022

2022 Kids Count Data Book

The 33rd edition of the Annie E. Casey Foundation's KIDS COUNT® Data Book describes how children in America are in the midst of a mental health crisis, struggling with anxiety and depression at unprecedented levels.

Annie E. Casey Foundation
July 2022

The Education Combination | 10 Dimensions of Education Resource Equity to Unlock Opportunities for Every Student

Drawing on both research and the lived experiences of students, parents, and educators from across the country, this paper describes how the right combination of resources can make a difference for students’ learning experiences.

Alliance for Resource Equity
July 2022

How Student Debt Harms Black Borrowers’ Mental Health

This brief looks at why Black borrowers carry the heaviest debt burden, the mental health toll of having student debt, how the racial wage and wealth gaps are fueling the Black student debt crisis, and offers recommendations.

The Education Trust
July 2022

Latino College Completion: 2019-2020

While Latino enrollment decreased in 2020, we continue to see an increase in Latino college completion. This brief provides the most up-to-date overview of Latino college completion, including the top institutions where Latinos earn degrees, and progress towards the goal of Ensuring America’s Future

Excelencia in Education
July 2022

State Policies to Support Student-Centered Learning

The policy brief offers an analysis of policy trends, state case studies and key considerations for those interested in a personalized, competency-based system. It also explores the existing foundation of student-centered learning policies by providing information on every state’s policy in three categories.

Education Commission of the States/KnowledgeWorks
July 2022

Increasing Equity in College Student Experience: Findings from a National Collaborative

This report describes early findings and lessons learned from the Student Experience Project and presents future directions for university leaders seeking to systematically measure and improve student experience.

Student Experience Project

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