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The Future of Smart: Episode 7

Podcast host Ulcca Joshi Hansen speaks with Jaime Casap, venture mentor at Coplex and former Google education evangelist, about the future of work in a digitized, technology-driven world.

Grantmakers for Education

Leadership Transition at Grantmakers for Education

Grantmakers for Education

New Trends in Philanthropy to Support Racial Equity and Learners of Color

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June 2022

From State Commitment to District Implementation: Approaches and strategies for personalized, competency-based learning

This report documents and analyzes how personalized, competency-based learning is taking hold in these states and the initial cohort of school districts implementing the work.

June 2022

State Policy Levers to Address Teacher Shortages

This Policy Guide highlights factors that impact teacher shortages across the country and provides key state policy levers to strengthen teacher retention, from interest in the field through career advancement.

Education Commission of the States
May 2022

Show Me the Data 2022

The sixth in Data Quality Campaign's annual series in which it reviews report cards from all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Report cards are a state’s most visible tool for sharing data about how schools are serving students. 

Data Quality Campaign
May 2022

Toward a More Equitable Tomorrow: A Landscape Analysis of Early Childhood Leadership

By investing in the people who will lead the way, we can catalyze economic prosperity, foster an ecosystem marked by radical collaboration, and create a nation that centers children and their families over the next decade. This report shares findings from our landscape assessment and offers insights for integrating these findings into a cross-sector child and family agenda for 2030.

Aspen Institute
May 2022

Measuring the Quality of Early Learning Environments: A guide to evaluating ideal learning environments for young children

This resource is a guide to evaluating ideal learning environments for young children that envisions a new, equity-driven approach for assessing the quality of programs, and demonstrates how the Principles of Ideal Learning framework ( can be used to guide decision-making.

Trust for Learning
May 2022

A New Role for Higher Education: An Actionable Framework to Drive Regional Ecosystem Alignment

After 10 months of work with 11 higher education leaders across the country, the Education Design Lab offers higher education and ecosystem leaders a framework and resources to start aligning regional stakeholders and partners towards building a truly equitable future.

Education Design Lab

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