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The Future of Smart: Episode 5

Podcast host Ulcca Joshi Hansen speaks with Dr. Michelle Fine, CUNY graduate professor, to explore the topic of democratizing data and evidence for education.

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Leadership Transition at Grantmakers for Education

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New Trends in Philanthropy to Support Racial Equity and Learners of Color

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September 2012

Benchmarking 2012: Trends in Education Philosophy

As in previous years, the report draws from a survey of GFE’s membership that provides a snapshot of giving patterns as well as grantmakers’ qualitative impressions of lessons and insights from their work. This year, to mark the report’s fifth anniversary, we also look back to provide a historical perspective on themes and patterns we have observed over the five years of this series.

Grantmakers for Education
September 2011

Benchmarking 2011: Trends in Education Philosophy

We take a closer look in this year’s report at how funders are responding to the challenges posed by our prolonged economic downturn, which has sharply reduced public budgets while dramatically increasing the number of children living in poverty and the barriers to their achievement.

Grantmakers for Education
September 2010

Benchmarking 2010: Trends in Education Philosophy

In this year’s report, a special section on strategies for greater impact examines two important ways that our field’s work is evolving. One pronounced shift is the increased number of funders engaging with education policy, as well as the widening roles they are playing in this arena, a sea change I have witnessed during my eight years at GFE. The second development involves funders’ deepening efforts to coordinate and align their work with fellow grantmakers—and with other stakeholders.

Grantmakers for Education
September 2009

Benchmarking 2009: Trends in Education Philanthropy

This new study provides a much-needed examination of how GFE’s diverse members are responding to some of 2009’s most significant developments—particularly the economic downturn and the greatly expanded federal investment in education—and how they expect their funding priorities and strategies to evolve in the next few years. 

Grantmakers for Education
September 2008

Benchmarking 2008: Trends in Education Philosophy

Benchmarking 2008 is a new tool to help funders better understand their colleagues and their priorities in the enterprise of education philanthropy. GFE is pleased to offer this first-ever snapshot of the field’s trends and emerging issues.

Grantmakers for Education
August 2008

Strengthening Grantee Effectiveness: The Hyde Family Foundations

Principles for Effective Education Grantmaking - Case Study No. 7

Grantmakers for Education

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