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The Future of Smart: Episode 13

In this episode, we hear from Black leaders Jamyle Cannon, Sharif El-Mekki and Saamra Mekuria-Grillo, with facilitator Elizabeth Thompson delivering introductory remarks, on igniting hope in a time of recovery. 

Grantmakers for Education

Seeking Input: Leadership Transition Update

Grantmakers for Education

Building Community from Crisis: A Collaborative Fund for the Out-of-School Time Field

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January 2020

How Teacher Preparation Programs Can Help All Teachers Better Serve Students With Disabilities

This report from the Center for American Progress concludes that the K-12 public school system is simply not meeting the needs of students with disabilities, leading to huge gaps in their preparedness for college and careers. Roughly 7 million students in the K-12 public school system—14 percent—are identified as students with disabilities. Of these, more than 62 percent spend a large majority of their day in general education classrooms.

Center for American Progress
January 2020

Fault Lines: America's Most Segregating School District Borders, 2020 Update

The borders of many school districts serve to concentrate poverty in their classrooms and separate their students from resources. This report identifies the borders that create the greatest degree of economic segregation between districts.

January 2020

Enhancing STEM in P-3 Education

Education Commission of the States
December 2019

Wide-Open Spaces: Schooling in Rural America Today

Bellwether Education Partners
December 2019

Funding Neuroscience in Action to Tackle Learning Differences: Notes from Grantmakers for Education 2019

The Philanthropic Initiative
October 2019

Are You Ready to Assess Social and Emotional Learning and Development?

How can you assess conditions for learning and development, as well as social and emotional competencies? The Stop, Think, Act: Ready to Assess toolkit helps educators, practitioners, and policymakers decide if and when they are ready to take those steps.

Helping youth develop social and emotional competencies can put them on the road to success—not only in school but also in their lives. It is crucial to have strong conditions for learning to enable social and emotional learning (SEL) and development.

The second edition of Stop, Think, Act: Ready to Assess:

Highlights the importance of implementation readiness and the conditions that foster SEL and development;
Includes assessments of learning conditions in and out of school; and
Updates the list of available social and emotional competency assessments.

American Institutes for Research

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