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The Future of Smart: Episode 22

In this special episode, civil rights icon Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr., and LaShawn Routé Chatmon, executive director of the National Equity Project, explore lessons from the civil rights movement and their relevance to today.

Grantmakers for Education

Funding Out-of-School Time Programs - Now and in the Future

Grantmakers for Education and Partners

Leaders and Champions: The Role of Funders in Strategic Public Financing

Grantmakers for Education and Partners





July 2020

How Did The World’s Highest Performing Education Systems Approach Distance Learning?

Almost all top-performing education systems transitioned to distance learning this year so students could continue learning during coronavirus-related school closures. In a new paper, NCEE summarizes initial takeaways from their experiences, including why top performers were initially better prepared than the U.S. to implement distance learning quickly, how they increased capacity in real time, and how they responded to key distance learning challenges.

NCE and the Economy
July 2020

Blueprint for Testing: How Schools Should Assess Students During the Covid Crisis

As schools reopen this fall, educators will need to get a handle on exactly where students are in their learning and development in order to guide instruction, target interventions, and allocate resources.

July 2020

All Hands on Deck: Guidance Regarding Reopening School Buildings

A guide to intentionally planning for school success during COVID-19 and beyond with health, safety, student learning, and equity at the forefront.

National Education Association
July 2020

50-State Comparison: Teacher Employment Contract Policies

Teacher employment contract policies can impact teacher compensation and benefits, performance evaluations and retention. These are key issues for state policymakers amid growing teacher activism and an emphasis on quality instruction.

Education Commission of the States
July 2020

2020 State Progress Reports

Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) analysts monitor and report on states’ progress toward six Challenge to Lead 2020 Goals for education, which span early childhood through higher education and the workforce.

Southern Regional Education Board
July 2020

Authentic Community Engagement in a Time of Crisis

During the spring of 2020, Grantmakers for Education held four master classes centered around the theme of authentic community engagement. Family voice and community voice are areas of growing interest among education grantmakers. Yet as leaders in positions of privilege, grantmakers must learn together how to navigate power and racial dynamics en route to empowering communities that have been marginalized in the past.

Grantmakers for Education

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