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The Future of Smart: Episode 22

In this special episode, civil rights icon Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr., and LaShawn Routé Chatmon, executive director of the National Equity Project, explore lessons from the civil rights movement and their relevance to today.

Grantmakers for Education

Grantmakers for Education's Top 10 of 2023

Grantmakers for Education

Leaders and Champions: The Role of Funders in Strategic Public Financing

Grantmakers for Education and Partners





October 2023

A brilliant solution to empowering the youth workforce

Funders are finding innovative ways to respond to the triple inequities borne by the youth workforce: low pay, low benefits and low status.

Youth Today
October 2023

The Future of Smart: Episode 20

Podcast host Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen talks with Nicole Lynn Lewis, founder of Generation Hope, about her personal journey from being a pregnant teenager to a college graduate and a change-maker.

Grantmakers for Education
October 2023

Advancing ECE Workforce and Compensation Equity

The Early Educator Investment Collaborative commissioned a study to assess the viability of a national, competency-based certification for lead teachers (NLTC) in the US and found that the demand is there but compensation and equity must be addressed first. Read more about the path to certification.

Early Educator Investment Collaborative
October 2023

Lasting Change: A Policy Playbook for Improving State K-12 Finance Systems

State education finance systems play a crucial role in providing the resources that schools and districts need to ensure student success. But modernizing these systems to reflect changing needs is often cumbersome and complicated.

October 2023

Education and Workforce Data Legislation Review 2023

Each year, Data Quality Campaign tracks state legislation that governs the collection and use of education and workforce data. Since 2014, we have reviewed data legislation in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to highlight key themes, promising trends, and next steps for policymakers.

Data Quality Campaign
October 2023

Setting the Stage: Practical Ideas for Implementing High-Quality Afterschool Arts Programs

From 2019 through 2021, five Boys & Girls Club organizations, with startup resources from The Wallace Foundation, set out to test whether they could develop YAI within the resource constraints of multipurpose OST programs. This report shares early lessons learned by these five OST organizations which were documented by a two-and-a-half-year study.

The Wallace Foundation

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