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The Future of Smart: Episode 22

In this special episode, civil rights icon Dr. Bernard Lafayette, Jr., and LaShawn Routé Chatmon, executive director of the National Equity Project, explore lessons from the civil rights movement and their relevance to today.

Grantmakers for Education

Funding Out-of-School Time Programs - Now and in the Future

Grantmakers for Education and Partners

Leaders and Champions: The Role of Funders in Strategic Public Financing

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October 2023

On a Journey for Families: Lessons Learned from Colleges Investing in Student Parents

This report outlines how a student parent cohort enhanced their work at each of four participating institutions, impacting approximately 25,000 student parents across their campuses.

Generation Hope
October 2023

When Community Colleges Offer a Bachelor’s Degree

This literature review synthesizes research that addresses student access and outcomes in community college bachelor’s programs.

New America
September 2023

Grant Makers Add Students’ Mental Health to Priorities

The latest news coverage on our benchmarking report highlights funders' support for mental health.

Chronicle of Philanthropy
September 2023

The Value of Community Colleges: Recent Students’ Motivations and Outcomes

This study offers insights on students' motivations for enrolling in community college and their perceived value of their education and training experiences and outcomes.

Strada Education Foundation
September 2023

The Search for More Complex Racial and Ethnic Representation in Grade School Books

This study of 300 children's books identified large disparities in characters and topics describing white people vs. people of color in curricula.

The Education Trust
September 2023

The Future of Smart: Episode 19

Podcast host Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen talks with Alexandra Bernadotte, founder of Beyond 12, about using technology to create more human-centered support systems to help historically-underserved students navigate higher education.

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